Join the ACS

Thank you for your interest in joining the Alabama Cave Survey. The cave/location resources provided on this site are proprietary, and we are serious about our stewardship of the delicate underground environment we spend time in. Many Alabama caves and karst areas are on private land, and not all of them are open for visitation.

We ask that you have the following credentials before submitting a request to join the ACS:

Membership Requirements:

• Must be an NSS member for at least two years prior and submit references from two current ACS members.
• OR Must be an NSS member for at least one year prior and submit references from three current ACS members.
• ACS members must maintain their NSS membership to remain active.
• Accounts are personal and NOT to be shared with any other individual.
• Dues are $10 per year, and are renewable every April regardless of when you join.
For more information, please contact us at [email protected]